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AVI Films International

Director and Filmmaker Avimen Bala. Since graduating from the New York Film Academy, Avimen has garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of content creation.  From producing, directing, editing award winning films, passion projects and music videos to scripting and choreographing, Avimen has blazed a trail.

His passion for the industry drew him to the corporate sector where he is now creating content for businesses and commercial enterprises. Together with a team of inspired creatives, Avimen set-up AVI Films International or AFI – a full turnkey creative production agency in Singapore. With a fresh perspective and pervasive mindset, AFI brings a unique vision to the table as content creators for the corporate sector and the industry.


“I wanted to do something different. I want my films to go reach a special place in the hearts of the audience. That means a lot to me.”                                                             - Avimen Bala

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